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All CED systems that include PLC controls are provided with two (2) days on site start-up service at no additional cost to the client. This results in not only a minimum of $ 2,000.00 cost savings, but also provides customer assurance of OEM personnel providing the start-up and operator training.


Every CED system includes one hard copy and one electronic (CD) copy of O&M manuals. Each manual is specific to the particular customer project, and includes installation, maintenance and lubrication instructions, detailed parts/price lists, sub-assembly drawings, component data sheets, PLC program and all As Built drawings (mechanical and electrical). Parts lists include CED inventory numbers correlated with original component manufacturer and manufacturer part number, enabling the client to purchase emergency replacement parts locally, with the assurance that the part is totally interchangeable.

Replacement Parts

Our equipment is designed and manufactured to use common parts wherever possible. CED maintains over $ 1m in replacement parts inventory at our facility in Monroe, LA. This inventory consists of not only purchase parts, but also fabricated parts. Most repair parts can be on site at customer’s facility within twenty-four (24) hours with overnight delivery service.

Maintenance Contracts

The key to the long service life of CED equipment is proper maintenance. For added peace of mind, we offer the customer options for direct CED on-site technical support. One option is for scheduled service call based on our standard daily service and travel rates. Alternately, we offer maintenance contracts for those customers who in particular have multiple CED systems in operation. These maintenance calls can be scheduled semi-annually or quarterly to suit your needs.

Our Philosophy Our Philosophy

CED’s reputation in the industry is one of stellar customer support after system commissioning.

Our equipment is designed for low maintenance mechanicals, with focus on common component usage. We maintain experienced technicians, both mechanical and electrical, to provide ultimate customer support ranging from basic phone support to short notice service calls.

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