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Product Categories

Bulk Filling Systems - Proven designs cover basic, low volume filling to multiple, high volume package filling, while maintaining supreme accuracy.  Bulk Bag, Tote, Drum, Pail, Poly Bag, Multi-Drum, Combo Units, and more available.


Bulk Filling Adapters - Adapt your new or existing CED bulk filling system to fill single or multi-drums, totes, or boxes.  Designs for manual, automatic or semi-automatic filling.


Bulk Discharge/Unloading Systems - Stainless steel discharge hoppers with structural steel support.  Many options available including integrated bag break station, bag agitators (conditioners), electric or pneumatic hoist and trolleys, bag lift adapters, metering gate valves and more.


Bulk Bag Conditioners - Heavy Structural Steel Framework with Durable Epoxy Coating. Hydraulic Actuated Ram Conditions Hardened Friable Materials Prior to Unloading Bulk Bag. Available in Manual Turntable, Power Turntable, or Integration with Bulk Bag Unloader Models.


Conveying Systems - Heavy duty design powered roll, gravity roll, and expanded metal belt conveyors, all with structural channel side rails.  Powder coated carbon steel, stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized and other materials available.


Transfer Systems - Various transfer systems available to meet your packaging and warehousing needs.  90 degree drop down or pop up conveyors, 90 degree pusher transfer, powered turntables for rotation up to 180 degrees, and powered shuttle systems, just to name a few.


Product Densification - Patented product densification systems are available as stand alone units, or integrated with the CED filling systems, and with or without conveyors.  Heavy Duty Vibratory Systems also provided as an alternative to the densifier.


Product Valves - Consistent weigh filling starts with the proper product valve.  CED's Radial Gate Valve provides optimum speed and accuracy in package filling.  Other product valves are supplied based on evaluation of the product characteristics.  These include slide gates, butterfly, and more.


Pallet Dispensers/Stackers - CED's Patented Automatic Pallet Dispensers are available with multiple designs to dispense any size wood pallet, pallet boards, nested plastic pallets, pressed wood pallets and more.  Clean pneumatic design eliminates messy hydraulics.


Industrial Work Platforms - Any size work platform available with OSHA approved epoxy coating, floor grating in galvanized, fiberglass, stainless steel, or super durable powder coating. Integrated scissor lifts also provided to meet height requirements.


Control Systems - CED's UL/CUL panel shop provides innovative control systems and programming for fully automated packaging systems.  CED utilizes Allen Bradley processors and panel view systems, Mettler Toledo weight indicators, all with ethernet communications to streamline your systems operations.


Bulk Filling Systems

Bulk Filling Systems

Bulk Bag UnLoaders

Bulk Bag UnLoaders

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Drum Fillers

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