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CED Pallet Dispensers/Stackers

CED Pallet Dispensers/Stackers


Automatic, Compact, Versatile

• Structural Tubular Steel Frame with Durable Epoxy Coating
• Pallet Styles Include INCA® Press Wood, Nested, Wood or Plastic
• Pallet Size Adjustable
• Loading as a Right Angle or In-Line Dispenser
• Heavy Duty Expanded Metal Belt Conveyor
• 3/4HP Electric Motor Carriage Lift
• Stand Alone PLC Control or Integrated with CED Filling and Conveying Equipment
• Patented Pneumatic Latch Design Eliminates Messy Hydraulics
• Compact, Versatile Design
• Fork Tine, Pusher, or Self Loading Style Pallet Dispensers Also Available

Patents # 5,033,935 and 4,964,782

Systems that last!

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CED Pallet Dispensers/Stackers

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