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CED Bulk Discharge/Unloading Systems

Quick, Easy, Efficient Discharging

• Heavy Duty Structural Steel Support with Durable
  Epoxy Coating
• Patented Discharge Hopper with Stainless Steel Product Contact Surfaces (Patent # 4,863,065)
• Designed for Maximum Operator Safety
• Dust-Free Bulk Bag Unloading
• Standard Sight Glass for Observing Hopper Interior
• Multiple Design Options:
    • Bag Agitators
    • Stable Hoist/Bulk Bag Lift Adapters
    • Chain Hoist and Trolley Style Unloaders
    • Fork Truck Style Unloaders
    • Combination Bulk Bag/Paper Bag Break Unloaders
    • Integral Dust Collector Unloaders
    • Metering Systems for Bag Shut Off or Flow Control & Much More...

Systems that last!

Vertical Discharger
With Upper Support Structure Option
(more information)
Vertical Discharger
(more information)

Bulk Bag Discharging Systems

CED Bulk Bag Discharging - Unloading Systems

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