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CED Bulk Discharge/Unloading Systems Video

CED Bulk Discharge/Unloading Systems

Quick, Easy, Efficient Discharging

(Vertical Discharger With Upper Support Structure Option)

• Heavy Duty Structural Steel Support with Durable
  Epoxy Coating
• Patented Discharge Hopper with Stainless Steel Product Contact Surfaces (Patent # 4,863,065)
• Designed for Maximum Operator Safety
• Dust-Free Bulk Bag Unloading
• Standard Sight Glass for Observing Hopper Interior
• Multiple Design Options:
    • Bag Agitators
    • Stable Hoist/Bulk Bag Lift Adapters
    • Chain Hoist and Trolley Style Unloaders
    • Fork Truck Style Unloaders
    • Combination Bulk Bag/Paper Bag Break Unloaders
    • Integral Dust Collector Unloaders
    • Metering Systems for Bag Shut Off or Flow Control & Much More...

Systems that last!

CED Metering Gate Valve CED Bulk Bag Lift Adapters
Metering Gate Valve
(more information) 
Bag Lift Adapters

Bulk Bag Discharger

Vertical Discharger With
Upper Support Structure Option

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