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The leading international distributor of natural soda ash requested Custom Equipment Design’s experience and expertise in designing a system for direct ship loading bulk bags of product.

Soda Ash has been used in manufacturing for over 5,000 years and is an essential raw material in many applications such as the manufacture of glass, detergents and soaps, and many chemicals.


Solution Provider

Custom Equipment Design, Inc. is the pioneer founding company in the advent of FIBC (bulk bag) packaging in the United States. CED was instrumental in development of labor saving, high efficiency packaging systems; offering start to finish high production FIBC (bulk bag) packaging lines. As required, these systems included pallet dispensers, slip sheet dispensers, fillers, turn tables, staging and accumulation conveyors. PLC control together with HMI enhancements provided and programmed by CED allow unprecedented efficiency, accuracy, and maintainability of bulk bag packaging systems. Confirming the high quality, high reliability manufactured products by CED; the fillers were the first in the US industry to offer NTEP Certified Scales, UL Listed Electrical Panels and 3A Dairy Certification.

The Solution

Utilizing proven bulk bag filling technology by Custom Equipment Design, Gulf Coast ship side bulk bag packaging rates exceed 120 tons‐per‐hour. Bulk bags are filled via CED Pre‐Weigh packaging system and accumulated automatically onto two parallel Ship Lift Accumulation Conveyors. The ship lift boom lifts up to 18 filled bags per lift for loading into ship’s hold. This direct packaging to ship side lift system stays ahead of the ship lift cycle, so that the lift boom does not wait for filled bag availability.

Product is fed from existing ship side bulk conveyors to a surge hopper, de‐lumper, and into the CED Pre‐Weigh Bulk Bag Packaging System. CED Pre‐Weigh fillers are NTEP certified and control panels are available with UL Listing. Each of the 4 bulk bag fillers are capable of packaging 30 tons/hour and are controlled by CED programmed PLC controllers and HMI.

With the direct filled bulk bag to ship technology, there is no warehousing required, no fork truck or pallet handling, and four operators manage the entire packaging line to the Ship Lift Accumulation Conveyors. CED’s system technology is designed to fall into the Just‐In‐Time manufacturing concept, in that bulk bags are filled and transported by shuttle conveyors to the two Ship Lift Conveyors eliminating inefficient double or triple handling of the bags prior to lift into the ship’s hold.

Custom Solutions

True Leader

Custom Equipment Design is the TRUE LEADER in developing the most advanced, time‐efficient FIBC and IBC bulk packaging systems in the industry. With award‐winning, patented designs, incomparable weighing controls, low maintenance mechanicals, and proven operator safety features are assured with every system.