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Custom Equipment Design

Custom Equipment Design is one of the pioneer founding companies in the advent of FIBC (bulk bag) packaging in the United States. CED was founded in 1980 as the result of the successful introduction of bulk bags as a packaging concept for use in dry, flowable products by US Industry. Custom Equipment Design provided one of the very first bulk bag fillers in the US, which happens to be in operation to this day. With this success, more efficient, operator friendly equipment was required and CED rose to the challenge.

Many CED firsts were destined to follow. In 1983 we introduced the automatic release bag latches, with the ergonomically designed Traversing Latch evolving soon after. Other FIBC filler enhancements firsts include:

  • Height adjustable machines to accommodate bag size variations.
  • Inflation cuff for sealing the bag spout connection for dust control and bag retention.
  • Dust collect features for safely removing displaced air from the bag during filling.
  • Bag inflation for optimum filling.
  • High amplitude/low frequency densifier for the most effective de-aeration of product, enabling efficient utilization of bag volume and stable, firm, erect, filled bags.
  • Ergonomically designed Traversing Spout and Latches.

Custom Equipment Design

CED has been instrumental in the development of labor saving, high efficiency packaging systems; offering start to finish high production FIBC (bulk bag) packaging lines.